Sculpture 3 ft. and under

10-061 David LaMure, Jr. - Kimberly, ID

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10-061 David LaMure, Jr. - Kimberly, ID Category – Sculpture, 3ft & Under Nine Muses 26” x 15”
Sponsor: Mardo & Curtis Eaton – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Bull Moose Bicycles

I have loved working with clay since I was 12 years old. It started with my Uncle Tom bringing home a bag of clay and we went to work sculpting a wise owl. I have imagined various materials and techniques to deliver engagement; a paint brush, a welding torch, or a piece of clay to keep me inspired to manifest a spirit with form, movement, composition and value, therefore, believing that great artist stays challenged being multi-dimensional. By being an avid outdoorsman and a wilderness river guide, that has tethered me to my inspiration from wildness. I resonate with how mysterious, revealing and diverse nature is while stumbling around in the outdoors of Idaho. This gives me courage to explore in my art and narratives of the natural rhythms in life, death and belonging, leaving the collectible trail of art with stories. For Sale – Call MVAC