10-173 Cindy Bodily - Burley, ID

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10-173 Cindy Bodily - Burley, ID Category – Watermedia McGowen Peak 36” x 28”
Sponsor: Rudy’s – A Cook’s Paradise – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Webb Landscape

Since I was a child, I have enjoyed going to Stanley, Idaho. Seeing the mountains and lakes in that region of the Sawtooths. As I have gotten older, my favorite place has become Stanley Lake and McGown Peak. Each summer, I delight in traveling there and of course, I take more photos of the beautiful scenery. I have rendered many watercolor paintings of this area and this particular painting of McGown Peak is one of those. Still trying my best to portray the wonder and awe that I feel inside my soul when I see these majestic mountains.