10-136 Bill Sargent - Kimberly, ID

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10-136 Bill Sargent - Kimberly, ID Category – Woodwork Perrine Stagecoach 10" x 24"
Sponsor: Randy Perrine – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Premier Autogroup

“Working wood has long been a passion of mine. I’ve also always had an interest in wagons, buggies and such. My project this year is a 1:12 scale replica of the old concord stagecoach that I.B. Perrine used from about 1890 to 1910. Johnny Meyers rebuilt the old stagecoach and it now resides in the Visitor’s Center on the canyon rim in Twin Falls. My attempt at building it this size has been challenging, to say the least. I have dropped every little part on the floor at least once. I have enjoyed doing this and I hope you enjoy looking at “A tiny bit of History.”