Art on Main Downtown Twin Falls Exhibit




The Urban Renewal Agency for The City of Twin Falls, Idaho is inviting three-dimensional artist(s) to apply for temporary installation artwork to be displayed in the Art on Main Downtown Twin Falls Exhibit.   Original durable three-dimensional artwork by the selected artist will be displayed at a predetermined outdoor public space in Downtown Twin Falls.    Selected artist will receive a $700 stipend for the exhibition of their work.


The City of Twin Falls has recently undergone a revitalization project of Downtown Twin. The project includes five blocks, from Fairfield Street to Jerome Street, including the connections to the 2nd Avenues. Included is a Downtown Commons park with a splash pad and performance area.  

To encourage the community to continue visiting the new revised Downtown we are looking to bring public art to the surrounding area to enhance the visitors experience and add to the current public art and gallery experiences.


The call is open to all artists within the State of Idaho creating a durable original three-dimensional artwork suitable in scale and materials for public outdoor display. The selection committee is especially interested in interactive art.  There is no entry fee.



Nov. 29               Notice of juror’s selection(s)

DATE TBD          Receipt and installation of accepted artwork by City of Twin Falls as mutually agreed                                           between all entities


Artists may enter up to three submissions for consideration.  Please submit jpg, or similar images showing two different views of each entry. Images should be 4” X 6” minimum and 300 dpi resolution. Each submission should be accompanied with artist’s name, title of work, medium and dimensions, price of work, installation method and requirements.


  • Artwork must be of suitable scale for outdoor exhibition that can be securely installed on a 2 foot by 2-foot concrete pad and must be able to withstand effects of weather during the duration of the exhibit.
  • Artwork must be as resistant as possible to vandalism and able to withstand possible pedestrian contact.
  • The artist is responsible for delivery and installation of artwork in coordination with the URA Downtown Arts Sub-Committee and with the City of Twin Falls, at the specified site on an agreed upon date mutually determined by artist and City of Twin Falls.
  • De-installation will take place at the end of the exhibit by the artist.
  • The selection committee for the URA Downtown Arts Sub-Committee reserves the right to reject work that differs from the original proposal or does not meet requirement of quality, safety and durability.
  • In some cases, the artist may be requested to extend exhibition of work to a mutually determined date.
  • Artwork must be available for sale.


              Selected artists must sign an “Arts in Public Places” agreement with the city which states:

  1. Artist or artist’s representative must participate and/or coordinate with the URA Downtown Arts Committee and City of Twin Falls for installation and de-installation of artwork.
  2. Artwork is on lease to the city during the exhibition period. If work sells during the exhibition dates, the artwork must remain installed until the end of the exhibit date or the artist is responsible for replacing it with another piece of similar quality and scale at the time of removal. The replacement work must be approved by the selection committee. A 25% commission will be paid to the Urban Renewal Agency for the City of Twin Falls should the work be sold during the exhibit dates.
  3. Artist releases the City of Twin Falls from and against any and all damages, injuries to persons or property, including damage to the art during installation and removal.
  4. Artist assumes responsibility for transportation, delivery to and from display site.
  5. Installation and de-installation processes including securing work must include cleaning of the artwork by the artist upon installation and leaving the site in a clean and professional manner once installed and upon removal. Artist must provide all display requirements including pedestal if required for display of artwork.
  6. The artist will be responsible to provide their own insurance for both liability and damage during the exhibition time frame.


  • Artist’s single page resume’ that includes names, day/evening/cell phone, e-mail, mailing address and website (if applicable), and an artist’s statement of one paragraph per entry.
  • Artwork details: dimensions – height, width, medium, approximate weight, base size if applicable, and attachment explanation or diagram.
  • Complete Application forms.


Applications may be:

                    195 River Vista Place Suite 101

                     Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

Download Application PDF File