Paula Dodd Gallery

Paula Dodd

I like to sling mud often.

No, not the unkind slanderous and hurtful sort of mud but actual pottery mud, aka, clay.

I finally had time to learn to throw on the wheel  in my 50’s and have been playing in the mud ever since. 

It’s a good day when I emerge from the studio up to my elbows in mud and clay on my face and in my hair. 

(One’s nose ALWAYS itches when one’s hands are muddy.) 

I enjoy teaching others the art of slinging mud at Hands On, downtown Twin Falls where I am their artist-in-residence.

I also have a basement studio at home. 

I use both porcelain and stoneware clays, mid-fire cone 5/6 range, about 2150F in the kiln.

Porcelain clays feel wonderful between the hands but are challenging to throw. Reminds me of trying to throw pudding.

Throw it right the first time, or start over. Stone

ware clay is much more forgiving and I use this type with my students.

I make decorative and functional pieces and enjoy the challenge of custom pots. 

    Sling mud, it’s fun!